Life is stunningly complex.

Human beings really want and need to be truly known to become their fullest self.

I utilize psychoanalytically informed techniques to understand an individual’s unique experience of life. Being deeply understood is a lifelong need as well as an important developmental step along the road to change. Likewise, being challenged in a productive way is integral to growth. I approach the work from both of these perspectives.

While I have a strong background and training in psychoanalysis, I incorporate interactive techniques tailored to the individual’s needs. I work in collaboration with clients to hone in on limiting beliefs and operational patterns that create chronic blocks which hold them back from having the life they seek. I also utilize other modalities such as EMDR, an approach that unlocks the nervous system and allows the brain to reprocess traumatic or disturbing experience. EMDR is a gold standard treatment model for working with high level trauma, but is also effective across a wide range of problems such as relational traumas, persistent negative self beliefs, and phobias. You do not have to have suffered a major trauma to benefit from EMDR.
I also I find methods from Energy Psychology, most notably Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), are helpful to many and can serve as a mutative agent in the service of deepening the psychotherapeutic process. EFT also has calming properties as it lowers cortisol levels, which makes it an excellent tool for self-soothing and regulation.

I am constantly learning and bring what I discover back to my clients. Sometimes words are not enough and sometimes they are, so it’s good to have an array of approaches to draw from.

I’ve been in practice for thirty years and value the time I’ve had to receive solid traditional clinical training as well as learn about the many avenues of healing that are available. No one method has a monopoly on growth, so the key is discovering what works best for you. In our work together that’s what we will do.