The Gut-Brain Connection and Why Diversity is Key with Miguel Toribio-Mateas

“Our everyday food choices affect not only our gut health but also our brain health.  But how exactly does this work?  Nutritionist and clinical neuroscientist, Miguel Mateas explains it all, including the role of pre and probiotics. We discuss how long-term stress affects the gut and how eating a colourful diverse diet is so important for our overall health.  Miguel believes that diversity is important, not only with what we put into our mouths, but in all aspects of our lives – from our thoughts to our experiences.”

Enjoy this fascinating 71 minute podcast on the Dr. Chaterjee website. Click here to open in new window, then scroll down a notch to click on the play button.

Everything is Deeply OK: Midlife Awakening! with Jett Psaris


Before she wrote her book, Taking the Midlife Leap, Jett Psaris went through her own midlife awakening, where she experienced the depression of her soul’s withdrawing of its energies from the aims and appetites of first adult life. Fifteen years later, after a conscious investigation of her own and her clients’ midlife journeys, she has an understanding of the universal patterns inherent in this crucial transformation. She acknowledges it can be a scary passage, grappling with the profound question - “A part of us has to die to transform and a part of us dies if we don’t. Which part will prevail - what has been or what will be?” Midlife presents us with the paradox of the chrysalis ~ to the caterpillar it is a death chamber ~  to the butterfly it is a birth chamber. In a culture that favors youth and youthful pursuits we are not encouraged to be accepting of death, to embrace slowing down, to sink into silence, to be in solitude. Yet midlife awakening, aka The Midlife Leap, asks us to do just that ~ to enter ‘the hermit stage’ ~  to withdraw a bit, to detach, to retreat from the more superficial, noisier part of life. “The journey becomes one of mystery, not mastery” - a discovery that “Everything is deeply ok.” This is the spiritual awakening available to us in midlife.

Click the link below for an audio interview with Jett Psaris on the “In The Balance” website:

Eating Addiction: How Meditation Helps Free Us - Tara Brach

Addictive patterns can be tough to change. If you’ve ever struggled with one it’s likely you’ve tried to change it and been met with frustration and unmanageable pain. Or you have succeeded in changing it but from time-to-time are tempted to fall back into it, or even do. Listen to this talk given by Tara Brach, Ph.D. and see if it  sheds some new light on some old and practiced patterns.

(If you are challenged in any area, be it food, drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex… this talk is relevant to you.)

Growing Positive Qualities: Interview with Rick Hanson, PhD

Rick Hanson, Ph.D. is a  Neuropsychologist, teacher and a New York Times bestselling author. He is the founder of the Wellspring Center for Neuroscience and Contemplative Wisdom and an affiliate of the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkley. In this episode he talks with Eric Zimmer about the fact that who we become is a result of what we grow inside of ourselves. In this interview he teaches us very practical ways to grow and enrich ourselves through the experiences in our lives, no matter what they are.

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‘The Courage to be Vulnerable’ - An Interview With Brené Brown

Dr. Brene Brown is a social researcher whose work on shame and vulnerability has sparked a new conversation about these often dreaded emotions. Her in depth research on the topic revealed that the need to negotiate these unavoidable feelings with acceptance is the key to a whole hearted life. In this spirited interview with ‘On Being’s’ Krista Tippett  she talks more about this new paradigm.

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