Have you ever been lost? On the road, speeding along and suddenly you realize you've missed an exit or become confused along an unfamiliar route. Would you like to traverse the expectable speed bumps of life's travels with more ease? I would like to help you create your roadmap and start to stretch your emotional flexibility. It's like having a spare tire in your trunk or a First Aid Kit in your glove compartment.


About Me

I am a highly trained, licensed psychotherapist and have been in practice for 28 years. I have treated thousands of clients using traditional talk therapy methods and have found it to be helpful to many. But after years of practicing, teaching and supervising other mental health professionals I have realized that it does not always help people 'get to' and resolve their problems.


How I Can Help

It is my goal to assist you in creating and implementing a plan that moves you along the roads of your life with less encumbering interference and gets you where you want to go--be it in the area of career, health, relationships or in any other part of your life that feels stalled. I have chosen a program name that carries GPS as it's acronym for much the same reason you put one in your car--it's helpful to have directions when you don't quite know how to get somewhere.