Have you ever been lost? On the road, speeding along and suddenly you realize you've missed an exit or become confused along an unfamiliar route. Would you like to traverse the expectable speed bumps of life's travels with more ease? I would like to help you create your roadmap and start to stretch your emotional flexibility. It's like having a spare tire in your trunk or a First Aid Kit in your glove compartment. Think about your body: a flexible muscle is less prone to injury and when it suffers one, recovers more quickly. Our emotional domain is not so different--maybe a little trickier to locate, but once you get the hang of it not such an inaccessible back road--and with scenery!

Current neuroscience has proven that the brain is able to generate new routes throughout the lifespan. Neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to learn anew, is a scientifically proven reality that brings great optimism to the ongoing potential for change. When you learn a language, a new skill, a dance step, your brain grows a roadway (called a neural pathway) containing that coded information. That's why something like swinging a golf club or learning to knit stays with you. It's the same with emotions. Many of the things we've learned are keepers, but a number of them: limiting self beliefs, the impact of a trauma, a heartache post-break-up that just won't quit, serve no purpose but to repeat past injury and thwart life's potentials. And because we are hard wired to hold on to the negative (it's rooted in the survival instinct) the painful markers are harder to get rid of.

I believe in the durability of the human spirit and now current developments in brain science give us even more reason to not give up on growth -- whatever that means for you at your stage of life. So… if your interest is piqued go forward with curiosity. I am pleased to serve as your guide at this moment of possibility.